Political digital advertising made easy

Cross Voter is another example of how Simon Group Holdings innovates through digital technology. Cross Voter enables politicians to control the way they advertise to voters. We bypass the hassle of traditional advertising with state-of-the-art, precision technology. Cross Voter is the premier self-serve political digital advertising platform.

Targeting through digital intelligence

Cross Voter allows political advertisers to control digital ad placement and targeting while identifying how to find the right voters and where to target them. The platform allows advertisers to control the voters that see each digital media message so they can get their message in front of voters they need to win elections.


  • Audience Ad Targeting – Digital ads targeted directly to politician lists
  • Mobile Ads – Place mobile ads in a matter of minutes
  • Geographic Ad Targeting – Target ads to voters with pinpoint accuracy by location
  • Banner Ads – Place banner ads in a matter of minutes
  • Video Ads – Video ads that target voters effectively
  • Retargeting/Search Ads – Find voters who are looking for websites and information

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