Fueling Innovation

Founded in 1985, Atlas Oil, headquartered in Taylor, Michigan is the flagship brand in the Simon Group Holdings investment portfolio. Atlas, a fuel distribution and supply management company, has been a model of how SGH takes experience, knowledge, innovation and ambition to advance to new heights. It also shows why Sam Simon has reached his current status in the world of venture capital and private equity. Atlas’ story and ongoing success provides a great deal of insight into Sam’s unshakable commitment to Team leadership, cross-silo communication and relentless technological innovation.

A leader in the energy and fuel industry, Atlas leverages technology to fundamentally change the way business is done. By bringing innovative delivery solutions to a market that traditionally has been slow to evolve, Atlas has been able to provide better service and value to its customers by streamlining its own operations and helps its clients make smarter, more cost-effective decisions.

Atlas provides nationwide fuel supply and logistics services backed with personalized, local support to its customers and clients, with remote operational locations and company owned fleets located throughout the country. It’s supply optimization strategies and national footprint provide unmatched access to fuel. All of this, in addition to its expansive network of strategic partners and carriers, enables Atlas to provide single source solutions for businesses anytime, anywhere.

As one of the largest fuel distributors in the country, Atlas offers single source solutions for fuel, delivering nearly 1 billion gallons annually to customers in 49 states. It has an active real estate division, and is engaged in transportation logistics and fueling including bulk, fleet, event, onsite, emergency response, marine and oil field services.

Always Innovating Through Technology

Atlas Oil continues to innovate from downstream to mid-stream to up-stream. By leveraging geography and technology and hiring the best talent, Atlas has been in front of a big transformational change, using advanced digital tools to revolutionize fuel delivery and logistics, increasing its position as a nationwide service provider.

In partnership, SGH and Atlas are fueling Innovation through technology advancements like Fuel Automation Station (FAS), FuelNOW Network, Truck-to-Office technology, cloud based inventory management and personalized customer portals and mobile apps. Its 13 distinct business units within the company serve customers nationwide. Through the collaborative power of its leadership and management team, investments of time and capital and a crystal-clear vision, Atlas has helped SGH gain market share and grow exponentially as an organization.

Always Seeking Ways to Help Those In Need

Atlas Oil has strong core values that shape its organization in how the team works with customers and interact with one another. Respect, dignity and hard work are the driving forces enhancing the team’s ability to perform jobs professionally, safely, and sometimes under extraordinary circumstances. Emergencies require the best of the best and that’s why Atlas has developed its national Emergency Fueling Response Team. This team consists of Atlas logistics coordinators and highly trained SEAL (Safe Educated Atlas Leaders) truck drivers who are ready to deploy and respond to areas affected by power outages, hurricanes or other natural disasters. With their dedicated fleet of trucks and drivers, nationwide network of fuel suppliers, diversified fuel supply and portable generators, Atlas can quickly deploy trucks and much-needed fuel supplies into disaster zones for commercial businesses and government agencies. Atlas’s contracted fuel assurance customers have guaranteed fuel supply and priority delivery regardless of the situation to ensure 100% uptime when they need it most.

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