Simon Group Holdings is pleased to announce our newest addition Doug “Odie” Slocum who joins the Simon Group family June 10 as an Executive Advisor to the CEO.

With over 35 years of service with the Air-force and National Guard, Simon Group Holdings is pleased to welcome Brigadier General Doug Slocum to our team!

“Odie has a proven track record of leading people and organizations to new levels of excellence by focusing on positivity, spurring innovation, and building partnerships,” said Sam Simon, company CEO, Founder and Chairman.  “I believe Odie is a perfect fit for our team.  His focus on people and positivity perfectly align with our organizational core values.”

As the Executive Advisor, Odie will initially focus on business development, leadership training, and organizational safety as well as work with the Simon Foundation.


Slocum standing alongside Sam Simon, CEO, Founder and Chairman of Simon Group Holdings, at the 2015 Atlas Cares Military Appreciation Holiday Party at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.






According to Odie, “One of the first times I visited offices here I paused on the stairs and read the company’s core values,” said Odie.  “…passion, customer focus, collaborative innovation, and doing the right thing.  I knew then and there that I wanted to be a part of this team.”

Retiring as a Brigadier General, Odie comes to Simon Group Holdings with more than 35 years with the Air Force and the Air National Guard.  In his last assignment he was as the Commanding General of the 127th Wing and Selfridge Air National Guard Base.  Under his leadership, the men and women of the base earned numerous accolades including awards for being the top Air National Guard Wing in the country, the top fighter aircraft organization, the most efficient aerial tanker Wing in the Air Force, and only the third Air National Guard Wing in history to receive the Meritorious Unit Award for “outstanding devotion and exceptional performance.”

Under Slocum’s leadership, the men and women of Selfridge have earned numerous accolades including awards for being the top Air National Guard Wing in the country.

Personally, he is well known in Southeast Michigan for expanding partnerships to new levels and initiating several pioneering projects bringing together coalitions from across the community, state, and nation.  He is the recipient of DTE’s 2019 Environmental Steward of the Year Award, Macomb County’s 2018 Economic Partner of the Year, and was inducted into the Macomb Hall of Fame in 2017.  He’s also a world-renowned educator, motivator, and public speaker.

Odie is a career fighter pilot with more than 4,100 hours flying F-4, F-16, and A-10 aircraft.  He also served as the Air National Guard’s Director of Safety, where he is credited with leading the four safest years in the organization’s history.  He personally created and championed several proposals including an innovative program that addressed human error in aircraft maintenance.  Through this initiative the U.S. Air Force saw a 76 percent decrease in preventable mishaps that saved more than $78 million for which he was inducted into the Air Force Safety Hall of Fame in 2013.

Odie, as the Executive Advisor to the Founder, CEO and Chairman, will provide all the SGH enterprise with Business Development, Leadership and Safety Expertise by building and fostering relationships, developing and encouraging talent and leadership, and exploring initiatives to further excellence at all levels.  He will also be working with the Sam and Nada Simon Foundation to help promote their initiatives which include giving back to the Military and First Responders.

The entire Simon Group Holdings enterprise welcomes Odie and is very excited to have him join our SGH Team!