FuelNOW Network

A Vision for Creating a Way to Change the Fuel Logistics Ecosystem

FuelNOW began as an internal initiative by Simon Group Holdings (SGH) in 2014 to evolve and improve the fuel industry through technology. Sam Simon, Founder and Chairman of SGH, knew that introducing technology would be a game changer for the fuel logistics marketplace – an industry known for its heavy competition, slim margins and slow pace of adapting to technology.

“Our mission is to be THE platform all parties within the fuel logistics industry rely on to operate and grow.”

Fuel delivery has traditionally been the province of third-party trucking companies. In the past, it was regionally fragmented and dominated by “mom and pop” operations. This was a workable model prior to the rise of logistics giants like UPS or FedEx, using trucks 24/7 to fulfill Internet orders 365 days a year.

With a need for billions of gallons of fuel per year, due to a lack of centralized tracking ability, there was no way to ensure that fuel trucks and drivers were being used most efficiently. Instead of being in transit, trucks often sat, waiting for instructions for extended periods of time. This was common and detrimental to the bottom line. Trucks were idle up to 70% of the time and fuel companies weren’t able to optimize deliveries because they didn’t know what was happening in the field until receiving invoices 30 days later. Clearly, there needed to be a system set up to track trucks, drivers and freight in order to reduce freight charges and optimize profit potential.

Fuel Logistics Done Smarter

FuelNOW was developed in collaboration with the combined expertise of SGH and Atlas Oil.

The FuelNOW solution was developed to connect fuel companies to a single-network platform that tracks where fuel trucks are dispatched and when deliveries are made. The user-friendly app empowers carriers, drivers and retailers throughout the entire fuel delivery process. Major app features such as GPS mapping, site intelligence, real-time data and a convenient digital document center result in accurate transactions, full visibility and faster fuel deliveries. These features improve the order-to-cash cycle for wholesalers and eliminate the inaccuracies and unsuccessful deliveries that have been common to the fuel logistics industry for decades.

“We give wholesalers the digital platform, solutions and support they need to grow their business.”

Faster Payments

FuelNOW gives wholesalers and carriers the ability to get paid faster by leveraging features that save time throughout the order-to-cash cycle.

Increased Customer Retention

A convenient ordering system, real-time data and full visibility of the fuel delivery process make it easier for retailers to do business with wholesalers.

Increased Driver Retention

The FuelNOW solution gives carriers the opportunity to increase driver retention through features targeted at driver efficiencies across the delivery cycle, which increases their opportunity for additional earnings.

Expanded 3PL Network

The 3PL interface allows wholesalers and carriers to manage their 3PL network as they would manage their own trucks and drivers, allowing for an expanded geographic footprint and more fuel deliveries.

Increased Business Revenue

FuelNOW gives carriers the ability to easily expand their business by leveraging FuelNOW’s driver network when the wholesaler demand rises.

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