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The pumping of oil and gas from the earth requires an enormous amount of energy to run the equipment that extracts it. Atlas Oil, a Simon Group Holdings company, with its expertise in fuel delivery, has long been a reliable partner to the companies that do this work, delivering millions of gallons of fuel each year to their operations. For frac companies, it’s a tough often dangerous business, and the up-and-down movement of oil markets make safety and finding efficiencies a must for them to remain profitable.

“When the market was down, SGH didn’t back down… instead, we invested.”

Several years ago, when the gas and oil markets were struggling, we realized that if the fueling could be automated, it could be done more quickly and safely. We analyzed possible alternatives to the manual operation of re-fueling and arrived at a brilliant solution.

That solution was Fuel Automation Station (FAS), designed for completions owners who have the need for fuel automation and performance analytics. FAS provides the only End-to-End Ground to Cloud connected fuel automation station that delivers surety of fuel supply, production efficiencies and proactive safety systems unlike traditional tank wagons and ground only fuelers. FAS is a single unit with up to 28 fuel hoses connected to the drilling equipment, with sensors on the hoses reading in real time what is being dispensed and fuel levels in each piece of equipment. Beyond the time saved not connecting and re-connecting hoses, the benefits are that FAS takes safety to a whole new level. It does not require a person to be in the hot zone to refuel. Fuel trucks are parked away from the fracking operation and input and output hoses are fixed to the site equipment ensuring a consistent supply of fuel with no fuel related downtime. The unit can dispense multiple types of fuel and provides instant operational savings, as well as increased ease and speed of transactions.

FAS Highlights


  • Trailer-mounted to make it easy to move into and out of any site
  • Up to 28 hoses make it capable of fueling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Custom-built with a plug-and-play design
  • Requires no employees on the fueling site, so there’s no need to halt operations
  • Fracking additional stages daily


  • Protective sleeves on hoses protect from overflows, leaks and spills
  • Guided Wave Radar technology provides real-time tank monitoring and measuring for each piece of equipment
  • Maintains fuel reliability
  • Automated keep-fill technology


  • A single technician can control and monitor the fueling operations of each piece of equipment — all from the safety of a remote, self-contained command center
  • Designed fail safes ensure fuel reliability
  • Fire- and explosion-proof design
  • Diesel fuel exhaust enhancements remove NOx pollutants for a cleaner fuel solutio


  • Oil Fields
  • Marine
  • Data Centers
  • Emergency Response

Advanced technology equates to greater efficiency

The SGH team believes that fuel service automation with performance and operational analytics is the missing competitive advantage component for businesses in the Frac Completions, Commercial Services and Emergency Services markets. FAS proves this to be true, as its sensors collect thousands of data points at each site every day, measure fuel level and temperatures in real time, and provide critical information for job efficiency, billing and safety. This data is then sent to the cloud and allows users to analyze and measure data to provide insights instantaneously and make adjustments if needed on the fly, from anywhere. Taking a once manual process and automating it with FAS means:

  • Fuel service automation for no downtime in the refueling operation
  • Automated safety and monitoring and controls creates better, safer working environments
  • Supply-to-dispense fuel reconciliation, analytics and insights creates new opportunities for efficiency
  • Integrated electronic ticket and billing automation reduces steps and improves accuracy
  • Ability to redeploy human resources to other areas of the job and do more

The creation of FAS and the team’s investment in it is a perfect example of how SGH provides vision, decisive action and cross-discipline thinking to investors and the companies it acquires.

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