AeroParts Now

Before the birth of AeroParts Now, buying and selling aircraft parts was dependent on an undigitized, archaic process that involved blind RFQ’s, private phonebooks and word of mouth. Price discovery, data quality, availability, exchange parts, repairs and payments were a constant source of problems for purchasers. Simon Group Holdings and the AeroParts Now team came up with a solution designed to make the researching, locating, purchasing and sales of parts faster, cheaper, organized and with less frustration. This would make life easier, more predictable and more profitable for buyers and sellers of aircraft parts.

“We are looking to change the way business and general aviation aircraft are serviced and how parts are sold. This isn’t a minor shift in the industry. This is a whole new way.”

Connections that created the Amazon of the aviation parts industry

With Simon Group Holdings’ existing synergies within the aviation space, the establishment of AeroParts Now naturally fell into place and resulted in the first online marketplace for aviation parts, equipment and supplies. It is the first platform that connects the aviation industry with all the digital tools required to transact. The AeroParts Now platform combines leading e-commerce technology with practical commercial capabilities providing increased transparency, process efficiencies and a superior user experience. The platform solves some of the vexing problems for parts procurement professionals including price discovery, data quality, availability, exchange parts and much more.

Vision + people + technology = being ahead of the game

AeroParts Now is a prime example of one of the SGH core values: collaborative innovation. Disruptive, game-changing innovations are brought to life by connecting the right people. The formation of AeroParts Now fulfills Sam Simon’s philosophy and objectives that are based on identifying the right people to work with, putting everything you have into making it work and delivering results and a successful outcome.



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