Real Estate

Our Real Estate funds invest in a variety of real estate assets including undervalued commercial real estate, multifamily properties, and troubled loans secured by commercial real estate, as well as special situations. Similar to our Growth Funds, our Real Estate investment funds focus on lower middle market real estate opportunities including undervalued real estate, note purchases, multifamily, bridge/hard money loans, etc. Over the last several years we have bought and sold more than 80 properties.

We leverage our leadership team’s expertise by targeting investments in commercial real estate including multifamily rental properties that are currently underperforming and may benefit from improved management and/or capital improvements. In addition, our leaders have decades of experience in markets located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, so we tend to focus on real estate investment opportunities in these states.

Complexity Creates an Advantage

Real estate opportunities are characterized by challenges in market dynamics, performance, cash flow and leadership. These factors make it difficult for most investors and create barriers to entry and inefficiencies in this market. These inefficiencies are even more prevalent in the lower middle market, where Simon Group Holdings believes that few participants offer the combination of capital and investment experience and leadership needed to ensure a successful investment life cycle. We have extensive experience defining the most effective business strategy, marshaling the proper management and talent, and directing the implementation of the operating plan.

Focus on Particular Property Types

  • Undervalued commercial real estate
  • Multifamily rental properties
  • Office and mixed-use properties
  • Retail service stations and convenience stores
  • Self-storage properties
  • Non-performing and/or distressed notes secured by commercial real estate
  • Special situations