BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Mar. 19, 2018 – Simon Group Holdings (SGH) has unveiled the latest version of their company website, which focuses on people and culture. Within the last year alone, the SGH brand has grown and evolved tremendously, and the team decided it was time for a website refresh.

“If you look at where we were a year ago, it is amazing to see the progress that we’ve made in so little time,” commented Sam Simon, Founder & Chairman of Simon Group Holdings. “Since this time last year, we’ve launched two tech startups (with two more launching soon), acquired a major player in the modular industry through VESTA Modular, expanded Atlas Oil into new business territories and were awarded a significant government contract with ETI Tech. We’re also continuing to enhance our brand experience overall. We have a lot of great things happening, and we felt as though our website needed to capture our ongoing progress.”

The new SGH website takes a deeper dive into valuable relationships that the SGH team has formed among investment partners, entrepreneurs and team members. It also focuses on the company’s core values and includes multiple photos that highlight team collaboration and culture.

In addition to the new website, Simon Group Holdings has beefed up its social media presence and transformed its headquarters from a typical office space to a Collaboration & Innovation Hub (read more here). All these initiatives are in support of SGH’s mission to become a digital brand.

“The world is only going in one direction, and we are striving to keep our team members focused on improving our digital experience. Whether it’s through marketing, accounting, HR, etc., we are working to digitize our operations brand-wide, and that starts with a strong culture. We all have to speak the same language,” said Sam Simon.