Vixta Solutions™

At Simon Group Holdings, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can use technology to change what we do. From day one, Sam Simon and the leadership team at SGH, have been strong advocates of finding new, disruptive approaches to every investment and business SGH is involved with, using digital means to create new business models. This fundamental business philosophy led to the creation of Vixta Solutions, an exclusive SGH business unit dedicated to harnessing digital technology and intelligence into every aspect of SGH.
“We’re constantly challenging the status quo. We look for legacy businesses that would benefit from digital technology integration.”

Vixta Solutions is headed by Chris Mattina, EVP of Simon Group Holdings. “Our goal has been to modernize every business and industry we get involved in. Our leadership team focuses on developing digital platforms to help reinvent businesses for the digital world. This translates to delivering intelligent insights for our customers by converting data into a competitive advantage.”

Applying Intelligence Across the Spectrum

Sam clearly sees the power of innovation made possible by digitization and is determined to apply that intelligence across all SGH companies. This mindset and strategic and tactical vision is shared by every SGH team member. Vixta is currently incubating and growing several “game-changing” platforms within SGH, including: FuelNOW, AeroParts Now, Fuel Automation Station and Cross Voter. Its consulting practice is partnering with several Fortune 100 clients and disruptive innovators to develop new digital and enterprise solutions.

Vixta is a perfect example of how Sam quickly connects the dots – identifying the right people to work and collaborate with, putting technology to work and delivering powerful, tangible results. When it comes to creating new ideas, SGH has a refreshing approach; you deal directly with the decision makers. Speed is always of the essence, and once an idea is presented and vetted, the decision to go forward or not will be made without hesitation.



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