“SGH’s footprint in the modular space made them the perfect partner.”

The creation of Simon Group Holdings’ newest tech startup, ModuGo, is a true attestation to how SGH finds creative ways to connect the dots between people and companies. When Dave McMurtrie, President of ModuGo learned that SGH was in the business of launching innovative and disruptive tech companies, he wanted in. Turning away from his lifelong career in litigation, Dave decided to follow his entrepreneurial instincts and take the leap into the world of technology ventures. With SGH company VESTA Modular gaining great momentum, Sam Simon and his team saw tremendous opportunity in the modular building space. Dave was the right fit for bringing the concept of ModuGo to life.

“SGH is transforming antiquated industries through smart technology.”

The modular industry was falling behind in terms of technological evolution. Though there is a huge market for modular buildings, ranging from temporary classrooms to mobile homes, the modular industry had yet to arrive in the digital age. While some companies have listed units on their websites and some regional databases do exist, there was simply no way to purchase and sell modular units online through standard e-commerce transactions. Inspired by other SGH tech platforms, especially AeroParts Now, the SGH tech team decided to build a free online marketplace that would allow people to purchase and sell used modular units – specifically temporary classrooms, offices and storage units. Additionally, users can purchase services associated with these transactions, such as shipping and installation. This technology would allow buyers, sellers and service providers to connect under one smart platform, benefiting all parties by enabling them to grow their business.

“There was a mountain of things to do, but I knew I wasn’t alone.”

Leaving the only career he had ever known, it was natural for Dave to feel anxious when embarking upon his entrepreneurial journey. Though he was leading the charge on ModuGo’s business strategy and growth plan, SGH gave Dave the capital, tools, tech and back office support that was needed to make ModuGo a success. From accounting to development to marketing support, Dave was enabled and empowered to get the platform up and running within a matter of months; a pursuit he most likely would not have been able to accomplish on his own. Having the SGH team at the foundation of the business has positioned ModuGo for tremendous growth and opportunity.

“SGH consists of smart, driven and capable people doing exciting things.”

In addition to receiving the support he needed to start the business, Dave was inspired by the collaborative environment SGH offered. He knew it was a culture that embraced learning from one another and constantly innovating. Dave believes the SGH culture fits hand-in-glove with the culture he strives to promote at ModuGo. With a mission to produce a cutting-edge solution for an old school industry, Dave knew that he needed to surround himself with out-of-the-box thinkers who are ready to take on any challenge thrown their way.

“The possibilities are endless for ModuGo.”

Though ModuGo is rooted in the commercial side of the modular industry, focusing on temporary classrooms, offices and storage units, Dave believes the platform is positioned for tremendous growth. The vast majority of the modular market exists in residential modular units as well as data centers, which are areas ModuGo hopes to grow into in the future. Whether users want to sell one unit or 1,000, ModuGo is capable of transacting between all potential buyers, sellers and service providers. Like other SGH technologies, ModuGo is truly making waves in its respective industry.