“We make it our commitment to help and serve communities in need.”

From the beginning, SGH has been committed to directly serving our communities and our nation. We put a special emphasis on those who protect and serve, which is why we focus on supporting our military and local police forces. Also, we strongly believe our children are our future, so we support causes that directly impact children and education. Our commitment to giving back is shared across all the companies under our umbrella, and we come together to work for various causes. We’ve developed The Sam and Nada Foundation and Atlas Cares to underpin and support our philanthropic efforts.

The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation

Sam and Nada Simon strongly believe in generously giving back and have a history of helping others. In 2011 they formalized their philanthropic efforts through the creation of The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation, which focuses on the military, children and education. The foundation’s mission is to identify and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children in the communities where their businesses operate, and also in areas of the world where children are most at risk. Together with the Atlas Oil team, they built Atlas Park; complete with green spaces and playground equipment for the Taylor, Michigan community.

Other organizations that have received assistance from The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation include:

  • St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church, Bloomfield Hills, MI, to defray the cost of additional handicapped parking
  • The Garden Party Michigan, which provides trade school scholarships to underprivileged young adults
  • City Year Detroit, which is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for Detroit students
  • Focus Hope, in Detroit, which has a mission to overcome racism and poverty through education and training opportunities for the under-served and -represented
  • Cornerstone Schools, a K-12 Christ-centered academic institution, which provides tuition assistance to help make an outstanding education possible for students in Detroit

Atlas Cares

In 2007, SGH created Atlas Cares and have helped numerous organizations including Cornerstone Schools in Detroit, and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen through both financial and direct involvement. Atlas Cares is also involved with Joint Aid Management (JAM), whose main goal is to help Africa help itself by contributing toward the alleviation of poverty through sustainable development programs. Annually, Atlas donates funds to help build drinking wells for the poverty-stricken areas of Africa.

Military Support

At SGH, we’re dedicated to helping military personnel and their families as a way to show our gratitude for their selfless service. Each year, Atlas Cares hosts a holiday party for thousands of service personnel and their families at Selfridge Air National Guard base and is delighted to provide lunch and activities for thousands of military men, women and their families. This is one of our favorite events of the year, and it is a joy to be able to support the men and women who give so much to our country.

Supporting our Police

Through our efforts of the Sam and Nada Foundation and Atlas Cares, we have strongly supported our local Police, by donating trained service dogs to a number of different departments canine programs. These dogs are a tremendous resource for the police and provide invaluable service throughout their lives, but they’re very expensive to acquire and train. However, thanks to Sam and SGH, the funds for procuring and to training the dogs is taken care of.