Setting the Standard
for 3PL Network


FuelNOW Network (FNN) is a digital marketplace that provides the first fully digital, end-to-end transaction management for fuel distribution. The platform connects the fuel marketers, jobbers, operators and buyers under a single cloud based platform to create a new industry standard in data transparency and collaboration.

This fully-integrated technology, developed in collaboration with the SGH company Vixta Solutions, enables immediate access to key delivery metrics and accurate real-time delivery monitoring, automated reconciliation and digital data capture. Accurate business insights can be accessed from any device, at any time, creating major efficiencies in data validation.

As a result, FNN users can better manage fuel deliveries, including those that are fulfilled through a network of third party carriers. The platform has increased the order-to-cash cycle and eliminated many manual processes by digitally capturing important delivery documents. Additionally, drivers are able to receive and send real-time updates on fuel deliveries through the FNN driver app, thus significantly increasing the collaboration and order accuracy.

The platform has processed more than 100,000 transactions in 2016 and has delivered significant operational efficiencies to its member network.

“We’ve been able to speed up our order-to-cash cycle and eliminated many manual processes by digitally capturing our delivery documents,” Kenyon added. “Our team fulfills thousands of deliveries per month and we’re significantly more accurate in our billing and inventory management under the FNN platform.” As an innovative national fuel supplier, Atlas Oil is committed to investing in zero customer sacrifice technology enhancements.