Our Core Values

Our culture is key to the Simon Group Holdings DNA. Team members embody six core values, which were developed and fostered by Founder Sam Simon. Sam lives these cultural values every day . . . we all do.


Love what you do. If you enjoy it you will do it well. Be great. Be the best at what you do. Have a winning competitive spirit.

Pride and Image

You are Simon Group Holdings! Always do it right the first time. Quality matters. No shortcuts. The first impression is the most important. Be prepared. Do your homework and train. You have one chance to do it right. Always look and feel your best. Understand your products and services and the customer’s needs.

Solution Driven

There are always problems and issues. You need to find answers and be a solution driver. Don’t place blame on others. Don’t take no for an answer. You will find solutions through collaboration and guidance. Don’t ask if you have the authority, make it happen. Like inches, opportunities to make a difference add up.

Customer Focus

Customers are our first priority – take care of them and exceed their expectations. Always call the customer back the same day even if you don’t have an answer. Relationships matter so spend time with our partners. Always tell the truth. Be honest. If you make a mistake, admit it. Be accountable and responsible.

Do the Right Thing

Don’t compromise yours and the company’s integrity. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. No surprises and no secrets. This isn’t about politics, silos or a single person.

Collaborative Innovation

Every problem is an opportunity. We believe in white boarding solutions. Have great ideas and share them with the team to come up with better ideas and solutions. Be open to input. Collaborate and innovate together. Innovation is thinking outside the box because you don’t see a box. Constantly improve in order to be your best. Never be satisfied.