“For over 30 years, operational excellence has been the backbone of our success.”

Simon Group Holdings, based in Birmingham, Michigan, is a leading strategic investment partner. Created by Sam Simon in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company, now a top refined fuel logistics and oil field services provider, SGH continues to grow. Our more than 30 years of successful operational entrepreneurship reflects a uniquely shared business philosophy based on innovation, collaboration and creativity.

SGH has a wide range of interests in comprehensive energy solutions, including fuel supply, oil field services and logistics and transportation. SGH also has expertise in real estate and property investment, real estate funds, private equity, technology services, aerospace and defense. Voter analysis and turnkey modular solutions also make up a large part of our diversified portfolio of excellence. Perhaps most importantly, our leadership team is intimately familiar with the businesses they run due to their extensive operational industry experience This makes them exceptional strategic advisors to investors and entrepreneurs alike.

“We have expansive experience across many industries.”

Our entrepreneurial approach has resulted in the creation of four new businesses over the last two years alone (VIXTA Solutions, FuelNOW Network, AeroParts Now and VESTA Modular Solutions). We’ve also made significant investments in four additional companies (Empire Petroleum, Corporate Eagle, ETI Tech and TSI Solutions) within that same timeframe. We continually strive to invest in companies that complement our current portfolio; these are companies that can benefit from our strong operational expertise, and legacy businesses that can benefit from digital technology integration. We’re never satisfied with the status quo, and we continually evolve to meet the needs of our customers by identifying and seizing market opportunities others often miss.